Overwhelmed and Confident after Transformational Tuesday

I spent most of last week in bed.

To be honest I’ve spent a lot of my life in bed. To be fair there’s been a lot going on which warrented rest.

I was raised around a lot of people, moved in with a lot of people and have always had a lot of people around me. I love hard and ride for family and friends as best I know.

Lately, I’ve been stuck in a world of being what everyone wants me to be and being who I thought I wanted to be. Forgetting about who I really am. Going hard for being a badass but not really being that bad.

I mean how bad can you be from bed?

Jokes, I’ve been hard on myself and being bad from bed was easy.

It was easy to lay in bed but it was also easier to read Medium Articles for motivation. It was easy to compare myself to others but it was also easy to get that boost to learn startup tips from Tik Tok. It was easy to have sex as my main physical activity of the day but connected better getting out of the house too.

I’m grateful for setting up brand promo before last week’s downfall

Otherwise, I wouldn’t of had a purpose to keep going. Last week, I lost connection with my immediate family. I stayed in bed and thought about giving up. Instead I used my time to rest and plan for the next week.

The old me would have cried for days, picked herself up and went for the first job she could get to survive.

The new me jumps and trips over hurdles like a 28 year old. She feels confidence in her ability to be her own boss. She a bad bitch!

Motivational Monday got me going. Transformational Tuesday had me feeling as if I did too much but learnt a lot. Confidence in my plan tells me it worked.

I’m grateful for Wellbeing Wednesday to focus on myself.

Giving days of the week meaning had given each day purpose. I focus on what it means to be motivated, or to transform and today, what it means to focus on wellbeing.

I’m writing today and maybe I’ll post later on. Wellbeing Wednesday’s seem like a reminder to chill and be.

Last night, I realised that breathing in life is just as important as letting it out — MHKAAKAHU




Making shit happen by riding for myself

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Making shit happen by riding for myself

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